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In the sea, life is different...

Going to the port of Progreso will be an experience that you have to live on the Yucatecan coast. In addition to strolling through its picturesque downtown streets, visiting its market or eating in some of the restaurants, without a doubt the boardwalk is a must stop to enjoy the characteristic beach atmosphere of the place.

On the boardwalk there are all kinds of stores and shops, the self-service stores are right on the main street of the boardwalk, where you can buy some soft drinks or snacks to consume on your day out.

There is a wide variety of restaurants that fit all budgets and pockets of visitors. From places where you can try complex seafood dishes to the simplest ones like stalls that sell traditional fried fish.


Products such as necklaces, hammocks, bags, hats and swimwear are placed in fixed stalls but they also come to the beach to offer their products.


The rental service varies, since each place has a different price. For example, those who belong to a restaurant have a consumption fee to enjoy the shade of the palapa on the sand until 5 in the afternoon. Other palapas are rented without having to consume, just by paying a fee per group of people and you can bring your own food and stay there until 5 in the afternoon.


On the boardwalk you can find public showers at various points, in addition to portable toilets, the latter are only installed for the holiday season, which is where there are more visitors. Apart from them, the businesses on the boardwalk offer restroom rentals where, if you don't have rented a hotel room, you can go in and change to be ready and enjoy the waters of the Progreso Sea.


In the sea of Progreso they offer water sports services such as banana boating, the flyboard service and doing pirouettes on the sea propelled by boots from which jets of water come out.

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Hotel Scappata

Hotel Scappata is an accommodation located in the City of Progreso, a port on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico . Enjoy your stay and stroll along the Malecón on the ocean coast, which is lined with beaches and thatched-roof restaurants. The city is an access route to the Mayan archaeological sites of the interior, such as Chichén Itzá, Uxmal and Dzibilchaltún.