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Don't miss out on the things to do in Puerto Progreso, a little spot near Mérida that will fascinate you with its nature.

Progreso, is located just 20 minutes from Mérida, Yucatán and when you arrive the first thing you will notice is a small town that offers you Progreso beach, without a doubt spectacular.

What to do in Puerto Progreso?

1.- The Corchito

"El Corchito" is an ecological reserve surrounded by cenotes and springs, therefore this beautiful place is considered one of the most important in the city of Progreso Mérida, you will find rest facilities such as palapas and camping areas. While you pass through the mangrove you will be able to appreciate birds, raccoons and a variety of plants.

2.- Progreso Yucatan Beach

Another cool thing you should do in Puerto Progreso is get on a jet ski. This activity is for lovers of extreme adventures and what better than enjoying it on the Progreso Mérida beach, which is fascinating and I will tell you why. It turns out that Puerto Progreso beach receives strong winds all year round, which is why this place is the venue for extreme sports, including jet skis, boats with sails or banana boats, with all of these you will experience adrenaline and fun to the fullest.

3.- Eat a marquesita

This is a delicious Mexican dessert. It certainly originates from the Yucatan and is shaped like a crunchy roll that measures approximately 20cm. The highly acclaimed dessert was created at Helados Politos by the owner Leopoldo Mena, who manages to satisfy his customers in the cold season. On the other hand, I tell you that you can fill them at your choice, however, the typical marquesita is filled with Nutella and ball cheese. Don't resist enjoying it!

4.- Enjoy the Emerald Sea

Another place that is spectacular is Mar Esmeralda, but what to see in Mar Esmeralda? If you visit it, I recommend you get up early so you can see the sunrise. Also, touring it while you feel the sea breeze is one of the best experiences you can have. The main attraction of the place is thanks to its fauna and I mean that you will have the opportunity to see some beautiful flamingos.

5.- The Malecon

In addition to enjoying the Progreso beach in Mérida Yucatán, another thing to do in Puerto Progreso is to take a walk on the boardwalk. As well as in the beautiful view that Puerto Progreso Yucatan offers you, because when you pass by there you will find a carousel that looks better at night due to the lighting it has. Another option is to spend a good time in the reading garden or appreciate a beautiful mural and if what you want is to rest I recommend you go to the area of amacas. On the other hand, of the sports activities that you can find around here is a volleyball and soccer area, you can also tour the boardwalk by bike. And if you are craving a good seafood dish, you will like it very much appreciating the panorama of the port.

6.- Xcambó, archaeological zone

Xcambó means "heavenly crocodile" or "place where barter is made", since in the past this area was important for its salt trade. In fact, it was considered its main activity due to its location near the coast. It is important to mention that today the salt industry continues to function. You will also be able to appreciate the Temple of the Cross, a large stepped base with a cross on top, and the Temple of Sacrifices.

7.- Boat ride

Without a doubt, you have to live the experience of enjoying the sea breeze from the beach of Puerto Progreso. And what better way to do it in a boat or sailboat that covers a large part of this wonderful place. In fact, it is one of the activities that is seen a lot around here and for you to live the experience I must tell you that boats leave near the boardwalk. These offer you a tour of approximately 1 or 2 hours through the sea, you would also like that the reason why this activity is highly requested is that it is very common to see dolphins greeting visitors.

8.- Meet the famous Puerto Progreso Lighthouse

You should know that the Puerto Progreso Yucatán lighthouse, despite being over 100 years old, is still in operation. This in order to guide merchant and fishing boats, it is also considered a tourist attraction of the place. By the way, the lighthouse was inaugurated in 1893 by Governor Miguel Troconis and is 35 meters high. You will certainly love its modern structure. Come and see its luminous beam that has led several local merchants on their way home.

9.- Visit Dzibilchaltún in Puerto Progreso

Dzibilchaltún, is an archaeological zone considered one of the oldest settlements in the Yucatan peninsula. Therefore, what is the meaning of Dzibilchaltún? Its name means in the Mayan language "Place where there is writing on the stones". The foregoing is in allusion to the numerous commemorative tablets found at the site, called stelae. In the same way, you should know that in this ancient city when the sun rises there is a phenomenon of light and shadow that occurs on the days of the summer solstice. And on the spring equinox, it can actually be seen in the temple of the seven dolls and the clock structure. Interesting!

10.- Try the gastronomy of Puerto Progreso

Of course, you cannot leave somewhere without first trying all the gastronomic delights that it offers you. And obviously you have to try what they prepare in Puerto Progreso, in addition to eating super tasty, there are cheap options. In this wonderful place there is everything, but among the most typical is:

  • Grouper in batter
  • Roast dogfish
  • Fried fish
  • Fish head
  • Sweet potato with coconut
  • Coyon in syrup

Undoubtedly there is a lot of variety, but what is most consumed are seafood dishes.

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